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The reason for the season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Actually, it really is. I’m not just saying that to be all witty. I’ve got the tree up and decorated. The Advent calendar is hanging on the wall, and the four-year-old has … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming! (Okay, I cannot write or say those words without seguing into the little song from the Muppet Christmas movie–you know, the one with John Denver—so bear with me while I do that real quick.) Christmas is coming, … Continue reading

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Working on Thanksgiving?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook earlier today that she was dreading having to deal with the work that she brought home with her for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  That’s a lousy feeling. I am feeling extremely thankful myself … Continue reading

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Laboring on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, folks. Let’s see a show of hands. Raise your hand if you’re actually working today. Let’s see…you there, is your hand up or down? Down? Okay. Is that one over there…no? Mmmmm, looks like it’s just…. Me. … Continue reading

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Get going already

So….I took most of last week off. You can do that when you’re the boss. The week before last was crazy. I got a last-minute assignment from a regular client, in addition to two regular assignments that I was already … Continue reading

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Working for (or during) the weekend

Raise your hand if you’re working–either as an employee of someone else or as a freelancer–today or at some point over the three-day Memorial Day weekend. I was grousing earlier because I am trying to pin a couple of people … Continue reading

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Why was this never a holiday when I was a kid?

So it’s President’s Day today. The powers that be merged George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22) with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12), did some fancy math and chose…the third Monday in February to honor these great former leaders of our country. … Continue reading

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