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ACOs and EHRs and HIT, oh my!

I was working on a freelance assignment about value-based purchasing models earlier this week for a health care newsletter. I frequently write for this particular newsletter, and I often tackle topics like the Affordable Care Act, health care workforce issues, … Continue reading

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RIP, Betty Ford

Betty Ford, wife of former President Gerald Ford died yesterday in Rancho Mirage, California, where she and her late husband lived for many years after he left office. May she rest in peace. Betty Ford was a remarkable woman. At … Continue reading

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Brushing up on medication safety

I recently wrote a piece about medication safety for the women’s health magazine Spry. I interviewed pharmacists and other health care experts about things that we do that undermine our efforts to use medicine safely and effectively. One tip really … Continue reading

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Acronyms and Alphabet Soup

Do you ever feel like you are just knee-deep in acronyms? I mostly cover health care and related issues these days. Other than the military, I don’t know of any other field that uses so many acronyms. I mean, I … Continue reading

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The complexities of car seat logistics

Since I’ve been writing about health care and family issues for so many years, my ears always perk up (figuratively speaking) when I get wind of a major new policy that I just know is going to get people talking. … Continue reading

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Covering nursing for 15 years

While doing research for a freelance assignment, I recently interviewed a woman who is a professor of nursing at a prestigious university. After the interview wound down, we got to chatting, and she asked me how long I’ve been a … Continue reading

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To CSA or not to CSA

Over on the blogs at All About Women, Zee is talking about her frustration with her husband’s penchant for buying canned vegetables. She notes that some canned vegetables are okay for certain things, but she prefers to serve more fresh … Continue reading

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