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A fan letter to the author

When I was a little girl many many many years ago, I was a big fan of the television show “Wonder Woman.” I adored Lynda Carter’s character so much that I wrote a fan letter to her. I haltingly scratched … Continue reading

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Why you should start a family blog

I recently celebrated a very important anniversary. It was the five-year anniversary of my very first blog, Three Peas in a Pod. I started this family blog in May of 2006, shortly after the birth of my first child, William. … Continue reading

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Stay away, bunnies

I finally planted my tomato seedlings last week. After weeks and weeks of putting it off, waiting for the heavy rains to stop and waiting for the weather to warm up, I finally got around to it. First I had … Continue reading

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The TV’s working again

Remember my little grumpy post last night about how we can’t watch any TV until a repairman can come next weekend? Apparently, the universe took pity on me. Just on a whim, my husband clicked on the television last night … Continue reading

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The TV’s broken

A recent thunderstorm fried our satellite television system. Apparently, when the guy hooked it up, he didn’t properly hook up the system to the surge protector, and when the lightning got a little too close for comfort last weekend…..zzzzzzztttt. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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