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Insert quotation marks here. Please.

You know what annoys me? When I pick up a book, and it looks interesting, and I flip open the pages…only to find that the dialogue is not enclosed in quotation marks. It just bugs me. Why don’t we storm … Continue reading

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All About Women

Public Service Announcement time! Some of y’all may know that I serve on the board of directors for a really amazing non-profit organization here in Tennessee called All About Women. I chose to join this organization in March 2009, after … Continue reading

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Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

Here’s how I know it’s summertime: *I can hear the rise and fall of the buzzing of the cicadas. This reminds me of childhood. I find myself getting all nostalgic for things that I didn’t much like at the time, … Continue reading

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Base on balls

Okay, so I was wrong. My favorite player, the Braves catcher Brian McCann, came through, as he nearly always does for me, and saved the day. NL: 3, AL: 1. Woohoo! Now. If the Braves can juuuuust win the National … Continue reading

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The All Star Game

Watching the MLB All Star Game. I always say that I’m not going to bother again next year, and yet I always end up in front of the television again. Well, we’ll see how long I can last. I’m mainly … Continue reading

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Update on the broken ankle

Ack! My right leg is withering away! I noticed a few day ago that my right leg was looking a little thinner than my left leg. And then, last night, when I took the boot off to take a shower, … Continue reading

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Secret identity

I love looking at all the stats and info that WordPress provides for my blog. I like to see what incoming links have led people to this blog, and I like seeing how many people have clicked on a particular … Continue reading

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