David takes William for a toboggan ride

David takes William for a toboggan ride

 In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been up to for the last few days….it’s been gawking at all the SNOW that we got here in Nashvegas this weekend. Every few years, Mother Nature dumps a huge amount of snow on the area, and we were apparently due for a big one. 

Early Friday morning, I received emails from my son’s preschool and the public school system, which runs the enrichment class that he takes each Thursday, notifying me that schools were closing for the day. I rolled my eyes a bit because we got the same notices about three weeks ago, and we barely ended up with any snow at all. The ground looked like someone had sprinkled confectioner’s sugar over it, but it was hardly snow with a capital S. This time, however, the snow began about two hours after the emails arrived…and it kept falling all day. This was a case when a Snow Day really was a Snow Day, not just a knee-jerk It Might Snow Day. We had a good coat of the stuff by mid-to-late afternoon, and when we woke up on Saturday, it looked like a different planet out there.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not in very good shape right now for serious playing in the snow. Plus, I was a little bummed that I had to postpone all the work I had planned to do while William was in preschool on Friday. I’ve been trying to carve out time here and there all weekend to do what I needed to get done. But still. The snow was–and still is–beautiful. And of course, who doesn’t like an excuse to drink hot chocolate after stamping around in the snow for awhile?

Other positive things of note: unlike the snow and icestorms of my youth, this snowstorm didn’t knock out the power. Or even the satellite television. So we’ve been warm and relatively entertained the whole time we’ve been housebound, too.


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