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Alabama doctor headed to Washington

The AP is announcing that President Obama may be tapping a doctor from my home state of Alabama as the next surgeon general of the United States. The news isn’t official yet. And I will admit I don’t know much … Continue reading

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Specialty Buzz feature on me

How often does a writer get interviewed herself? I think I’ve been interviewed by another writer maybe three times in my whole life. Usually I’m the one asking questions! But I recently got the chance to be on the other … Continue reading

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Words I just don’t like

I’m feeling cranky because I don’t like certain linguistic inventions that I keep spotting all over the Internet. Notably, I’m not a big fan of the terms “webinar,” which is a snappy little name coined to describe a web-based seminar, … Continue reading

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Get going already

So….I took most of last week off. You can do that when you’re the boss. The week before last was crazy. I got a last-minute assignment from a regular client, in addition to two regular assignments that I was already … Continue reading

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