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Interested in health care?

Since I always love getting a shout-out from a friend or colleague, I’m going to take the opportunity to do the same for one of my people. I’m going to tell you, my loyal readers, about a blog that you … Continue reading

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New gadgets

Anyone else slow to adopt new technology—and then, once you finally do, wonder why on earth you’d waited so long? Last summer, my husband talked me into swapping out my ancient Sony microcassette recorder for a brand spanking new digital … Continue reading

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What are you searching for?

I adore looking at all the random stats from the “My Dashboard” feature of WordPress. My favorite (other than the roster of ¬†incoming links, of course) is the list of words or phrases that people have entered into a search … Continue reading

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Updating the old resume

Is there anything quite as tedious as updating your resume? Other than copying old clips, that is? It occurred to me a few days ago that I hadn’t updated my resume to include a couple of new writing clients, so … Continue reading

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More resources for the writer in all of us

I’m always delighted to discover new resources for my career as a freelance writer. It’s also fun to discover more comrades-in-arms, so to speak. I just discovered and love this list, 5 Must-Follow Bloggers for Aspiring Writers, by Tim Beyers … Continue reading

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