How to talk to your small child about death

New clip for me today: How to talk to your preschooler about death and all that fun stuff. This story is a first-person account, with some extra reporting, that appears on the website

I really learned something useful from writing this piece, which is always a good thing. Granted, generally speaking, I learn something from most stories that I write, but the information is not always this directly relevant to my own life. I mean, I’ve been writing about nursing for a dozen years, and I really do enjoy it. And information about the nursing shortage is relevant to my life; it’s relevant to all our lives because we all need high quality health care, and we should be concerned about its availability. And if  I wind up in a hospital, I darn well hope there are enough competent, well-educated nurses on staff to take care of me at my most vulnerable moments. But hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon.

Meanwhile, this particular piece gave me the chance to ask experts some questions about something that I can use right away. I now am prepared to discuss Easter with my son…and I’m a little more prepared to talk about death in general, should it come up.  And you know me:  I like to be prepared.


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