Why was this never a holiday when I was a kid?

So it’s President’s Day today. The powers that be merged George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22) with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12), did some fancy math and chose…the third Monday in February to honor these great former leaders of our country.

That’s all fine and dandy. I’m okay with honoring them. But the schools are closed today. The banks are closed. The stock market is closed. The post office is closed. Almost everyone gets a holiday for President’s Day now.

Except I know for a fact we never got President’s Day off from school when I was a kid. If it was a weekday in February, our rear ends were parked in our little metal desks. We also walked uphill to and from school in the snow. Barefoot. Kids these days don’t know how good that they’ve got it. Grumble grumble.

Can I retroactively take a few days off to make up for all those years I attended school at H.W. Gwin Elementary on what is now the third Monday in February?


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I'm a freelance writer and editor based in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a master's degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and a bachelor's degree in English from Rhodes College. I'm a born-and-bred Southerner who spent a few years in Southern California, a rabid baseball fan and a would-be grower of tomatoes. You can also visit me at LinkedIn or on Twitter at @JenniferLarson.
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5 Responses to Why was this never a holiday when I was a kid?

  1. Megan says:

    Does it make you feel better to know that poor schmucks like me were still expected at work this morning — and a full day’s work at that?! 🙂 I’m the only member of my family at an office today. That infuriates me!

  2. jenniferlarsonwrites says:

    Heh! Maybe it makes me feel a littttttle bit better. Think your employer would let you go home early if you promised to think great thoughts about Lincoln and Washington?

  3. Shab says:

    I’m working today too and would LOVE to get back all of those days that I didn’t have off!

  4. Natalie says:

    Ditto and amen! We NEVER got President’s Day as a holiday! What happened in the past 20 years to make it so now?

  5. jenniferlarsonwrites says:

    Around here, things like Columbus Day and Veterans’ Day are often big holidays, too. Who got those at school holidays as a kid back in the day? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

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